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Learnings in Cambridge Global Classes

The Physics of Sports: Exploring the Science Behind Athletic Performances

Sports have always been a fascinating spectacle, captivating audiences with the awe-inspiring performances of athletes. Behind every spectacular move and record-breaking achievement lies the intricate world of physics. The laws of physics govern the motions, forces, and energy exchanges that propel athletes to new heights of performance. In this blog, we’ll delve into the physics […]

The Laws of Thermodynamics: Unravelling Energy Conservation and Entropy

The laws of thermodynamics are fundamental principles that govern the behaviour of energy in the universe. These laws provide a framework for understanding the transformation and conservation of energy and the concept of entropy, which characterises the direction of natural processes. From the functioning of everyday machines to the dynamics of the entire cosmos, the […]

The Periodic Table: Unlocking the Secrets of the Elements

The elements, which serve as the basic building blocks of matter, are represented by the periodic table, a legendary masterpiece of scientific arrangement. It offers a well-organised framework that enables scientists to comprehend and categorise the wide variety of components present in the cosmos.  We shall explore the significance of the periodic table’s organisation and […]

Benefits of Visual Learning and Communication in Education

Visual learning and communication have become increasingly important in education, as they enhance understanding, engagement, and retention of information. In this blog, we explore the benefits of visual learning and communication in education and how Cambridge Global Classes, an esteemed educational institution, leverages the expertise of faculty members who are Stanford and IIT alumni to […]

The Importance of Goal Setting for Personal and Professional Growth

Goal setting is a powerful practice that plays a crucial role in personal and professional growth. It provides direction, motivation, and a roadmap for individuals to achieve their aspirations. In this blog, we explore the importance of goal setting and how Cambridge Global Classes, an esteemed educational institution, empowers students to shape their future. With […]