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Meet Our Expert Coaches: The Secret to Our Success

Let us present our esteemed Expert Coaches, Mr. Anirudh Golwalkar and Mrs. Manali Golwalkar—a dynamic duo commencing their CGC journey in the city of Hyderabad. They have a remarkable educational background, having graduated from prestigious institutions such as the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the Stanford School of Business.

Their dedication, however, transcends personal accomplishment because they have a single vision: to reshape the landscape of education in India, leaving an unforgettable impression on future generations.

Anirudh and Manali became aware of the many difficulties and setbacks they had encountered during their respective scholastic journeys. Anirudh, who comes from a small village and a city in Madhya Pradesh, struggled to find good professors and appropriate guidance during his time in school.

Despite the high costs of education faced by parents, Manali was acutely aware of the dearth of accessible and high-quality materials for school children due to her experience teaching K–12 courses to school children.

They both developed the concept of Cambridge Global Classes out of their love of learning and desire to have a positive influence. They envisioned a coaching programme that would offer each student individualised attention and the knowledge of highly skilled educators who genuinely cared about their students’ futures. Their intention was to make this education available not just in Hyderabad but also in other Indian cities and towns.

Anirudh Golwalkar

With Cambridge Global Classes, Anirudh and Manali began their entrepreneurial journey with the goal of popularising cheap, high-quality K–12 education throughout India. They carefully selected a group of professors with backgrounds from prestigious universities like Stanford, IIT, and NIT who were leaders in their disciplines. In order to guarantee individualised attention and efficient learning, they set a batch restriction of 20 students at a time.

Their motivation, though, went beyond success and recognition. The excitement and satisfaction of seeing their student’s progress and wins motivated Anirudh and Manali. They were inspired by the joy on their students’ faces when they understood a tough idea or aced a difficult exam. 

They were motivated by the conviction that they were making a significant impact in the lives of young learners by providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to construct a bright future.

Manali Golwalkar

The journey of Anirudh and Manali with Cambridge Global Classes was not without difficulties. They had challenges along the way, but their persistent determination and love of education kept them going. 

To ensure the best learning outcomes for their students, they continually sought feedback from students and parents, updated their coaching programmes, and explored innovative ways to incorporate the latest educational trends.

They remained dedicated to their mission, working relentlessly to make Cambridge Global Classes a model of educational excellence.

To summarise, Anirudh and Manali Golwalkar’s path with Cambridge Global Classes is one of enthusiasm, innovation, and unrelenting devotion to educational quality. Their story highlights how their own experiences and problems inspired them to build a coaching programme that combined the most recent educational trends, with faculty from prestigious schools, individualised attention, and a vision of making great education available to all.

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